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Arshak Nazarian


Artist Statement

The color scheme of my paintings has an associative foundation. The proportional movement of the two color masses which progress towards each other from opposite ends of the canvas, cause the viewers to focus their attention to the impact line, where the masses collide. The main concept of my artwork is collision and its consequences.  The outcome; when order is disturbed is of great interest to me, both visually and philosophically. The controversy that takes place as the color masses collide represents how contradiction puts life into motion.  

Arshak Nazarian 2004

Regarding my canvases and sculpting

I am playing with dense elements. My canvases are three-dimensional, yet the three dimensions are reduced to a minimum. Why exactly did I choose this direction and these very techniques of self-expression?

Because I am a sculptor.

Sculpting, with its limited expressions concepts, stands closest to Minimalism.

Can any other artist be the author of such works of art? A painter? No! A sculptor? Yes!

Arshak Nazarian 2014